About Janel

Janel resides in Northern California and is joyfully creating the life that her soul has called her to, a heart-centered life that includes:

Connection with the miracles and lessons of Nature

Offering the gift of tender presence to those seeking it

Practicing Intentional Creativity as a way of life and encouraging and guiding others in learning to practice self-expression in their own unique way, whatever that may be

Guiding others to experience for themselves that intention that stems from love and awareness, combined with creativity, can be brought into all areas of our life, greatly enriching our life experience.

Janel believes that within each of us there is an infinite well of our own sacred content and inner wisdom that becomes available through creative self-expression, and she is passionate about guiding others in learning how to access it and uncover their own unique gifts. 

Janel is a Certified Intentional Creativity® Coach. She received her training and certification from Musea, Center for Intentional Creativity®, which is based in Sonoma, California. Janel describes her experience with her immersive training in the practices and philosophies of Intentional Creativity as “truly life transforming and a sacred gift.” (To learn more about Intentional Creativity, please visit the section of this site called “What is Intentional Creativity?”)

She is also a Transformational Coach and Teacher, offering many workshops, classes, enlightening creative practices, and one-on-one experiences to help others use creativity to experience a way of living that brings them joy and fulfillment, and empowers them to choose to be a curator of their own consciousness and live the life they desire.

If you haven’t already, please watch Janel’s short welcome video that is on this page!