My friend, the Mockingbird

I’m enjoying listening to a Mockingbird in my yard so much. It’s going through it’s repertoire right now as I’m typing this. It makes me feel so good to hear it and gives me a sense of well-being. Like all is right with the world while it’s singing ….. and that’s a bold statement to make right now in this world.  It visits almost daily and I miss it if I don’t hear it for a day or two. I actually wasn’t familiar with what a Mockingbird was until I recently did a search online to try to identify what bird might be singing so beautifully in the yard every day. I just assumed Mockingbirds, from the name given to them, wouldn’t be very pleasant-sounding birds having “mock” in there. Without ever really thinking about it, I just assumed it may only make annoying sounds. I’m so pleased to have this visitor to my yard. What a huge difference a little visitor like that can make in someone’s day and someone’s life if they delight in it like I do.

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