Just authentically me

I am in a place of loving the self expression, creativity, and sense of freedom that I am experiencing right now in my life. I can feel that much is happening within. I see the wonderful ways that so many others are sharing and focusing their gifts on particular areas and life issues that they feel led to bring healing to, for themselves and others.

Through the deep inner-healing work I have personally been doing for myself the last year and a half, using the very methods that I am offering on my website, I have definitely experienced some deep transformation that I am so thankful for. I long to move forward, as I continue exploring and healing for myself, to sharing with others and offering tender presence, love, the potential of new possibilities and healing. And at the same time, I’m feeling like I don’t quite know where I “fit” yet.

What is the one area that I would really like to help other people with, that is so important to me in life and that I am being led to share with people? I’m not sure what that is yet. I am seeing and listening to people who are all doing such wonderful healing work in the area they have been called to, or led to. I am feeling, now, that I am at the beginning of this new path….the path of following my own heart, soul and spirit, above anything else. I have been led here and that is the path I want to be on more than anything else. Things take time, happen and develop in their own divine timing. I have no doubt that energy is moving and wonderful things are happening within me, and the reason is because I have chosen to open to it and to be engaged in it. I can feel it.

I am not sure what exactly is mine to do yet. But I do know that I am being led and that I have a heart that is urging me to share what is inspiring me all the time. I have felt like, “well, but first I have to have a place to “focus” that, a plan for where it’s going and goals around it.” But that is not where I am at this moment, and I’m now feeling like that’s ok. What if I do go ahead and share these things that come to me in moments of great inspiration when it feels like I’m being shown or told something that is not coming from my mind, but from somewhere deep within…or from somewhere in the cosmos? I just know it’s not something that I “thought up”. It came to me from somewhere else and in a different way. I feel the nudge. The excitement and the urge to share it. But then I think, I’m not ready yet. Everythings not in place yet. I need more clarity.

Today I am choosing to accept that maybe this is right where I’m supposed to be and is what is mine to share. I have decided that when I feel these nudges to share something, whatever it may be, I will do it, in my own words, in my own way, and I will try my very best to accept that I have done it “well enough/good enough”. I am aware that that is something working in me right now, being “enough” as I am, and that is all part of my journey. I also am reminding myself that in the spiritual realm things don’t usually work the same as they do here ….. everything can be used. Anyone and everything can be used for a divine purpose, and in ways that we don’t even know about or wouldn’t be able to understand.

This came to me this morning and I wrote it down:

You don’t have to be perfect.

You┬ádon’t have to be smart.

You don’t have to be talented.

You don’t have to have any grand plan.

You don’t have to go at a pace that doesn’t feel right to you.

You don’t have to speak eloquently.

You don’t have to have it all together.

All you have to do is be you.

Being you, authentically you, is all that is needed to bring healing to yourself, and subsequently, to bring healing to others.

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