Everything in our lives is about our relationship with ourselves

I feel so fantasic right now! I can just feel Life pulsing through me at this moment. It feels so great to feel that alive.

I wanted to share some thoughts with you, something I was thinking about a few minutes ago, and really feeling the reality of this for me. Have you ever thought to yourself, or felt the truth of this within you?

Everything in our lives is about our relationship with ourselves.

That’s what I was realizing in a very real way within as I was aware of how good I’ve been feeling and how much more aware I am of the Energy of Life itself within my being and all around me. Actually, I was “doing what I do” when this started coming to me today….creative play in my Cosmic Smashbook, which is, put kind-of-simply, a type of art journal I’ve created for myself that is created in such a way that truly energetically supports the intention behind it, freeing myself to explore, play, just BE…in whatever that state may be at the time, and to freely express there in what becomes a magical book to me. It’s just for me, for no one else gets to see it (unless I choose to share). There are no rules in using it. It is a space to “work” and play in a spirit and energy of total freedom, total possibility. And working this way and playing this way has been changing my life.

Describing it and explaining it is one thing, but EXPERIENCING it is totally another thing! That is because it is totally about presence and process. It’s not even really about art, it’s the level of presence with yourself that you’re able to experience in working this way and your presence during the process of what is happening and that you are being “taken through.” Often I start out not having any idea of what I’m even going to do, and it is so amazing what comes out of my time with this and what I have experienced within myself, which is REAL. This is energetically happening within you as you are experiencing doing it on the page. Energy is shifting, for real! Ok…..back to what I was saying before….

What led me to talking about that above is that this is a big part of the way I have gotten to this place where I am right now, this moment, where I feel so good and am so much more in tune with myself, with the magnificence and amazing miracle of my Being (of the Beings we all are), and with my connection with all of Life. AND, what I am realizing and know about that, is it is because as healing and transformation has occurred in my life, in my self, because of the work I’ve been doing, there is more …… ready? …… SPACE!

Yes, there is more space for new, pure energy and more Life to come in and be a part of my very Being. Wow. I have a knowing that that is what has been happening. Sometimes it feels like everything is different now.

The time that I have been spending being present with and for myself in a very real way, is creating more and more space for New Life within me! And this is happening as I am “working” on my relationship with myself. Because that is what is really happening in this type of work. We are working with the Energy of our own Being.

I feel so happy and so extemely thankful for all of my life and all that has led up to where I am right now. …. Oh yes, this site is called Messy Happy Life. I don’t deny there’s plenty of messy stuff, but this happens to be the Happy and it is making a huge difference in this Life that I am living every day.

The photo of my book at the top is a page I did spending time being fully present with myself and deeply experiencing, and realizing that time and experience as a gift to myself. ❤ That was the moment I realized how important it was to me to share this possibility with others as something they might find helpful and healing for themselves.

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